Thief caught red-handed in Bom Jesus Basilica


A person who attempted to steal from a devotee inside the Bom Jesus Basilica at Old Goa during Christmas-eve mid-night mass was caught by devotees and handed over to the police. 
Victim Varela among other devotees was waiting in the long queue for kissing the feet of the child Jesus at Old Goa Basilica, when a person tried to rob him. 
“We shouted and caught him. The police deployed at the Basilica premises were immediately summoned to take custody of the thief. The priests also called the police,” one of the witnesses told Herald. 
The witness described the alleged thief as an outsider, thin yet strong. “He attended the mid-night mass along with other devotees before trying to pickpocket the victim. I caught his hand…he was too strong. He seemed like a professional thief,” added the witness. 
Shockingly after handing the thief over to the police he managed to give the cops the slip. “The policemen were making calls to the police station to send a police van but the thief ran away,” he said. 
The Old Goa police have however denied that the person escaped from their custody. Police Inspector Manoj Mardolkar said the person, hailing from Jharkhand was taken to the police station for questioning and let off thereafter. 
“He did not escape. We took him to the police station and after thorough questioning, we released him. There were no stolen valuables or money found on his person,” Mardolkar said.  [H