Thousands throng Blessed Vaz feast at Sancoale


Thousands of devotees thronged the sanctuary of Blessed Joseph Vaz at Sancoale to celebrate the 302th death anniversary of the patron of Goa and Daman on Wednesday.
Devotees of all faiths gathered at the Sancoale sanctuary from dawn till late evening. Besides seeking several favours, many among the crowd were witnesses of favours received through the intercession of Blessed Joseph Vaz.
Participating in the Eucharistic celebration, arcbishop patriarch of Goa and Daman Filipe Neri Ferrao called upon the congregation to seek inspiration from the son of the soil and strengthen their faith.
While elaborating on the word of God, the president for the cause of sainthood of Blessed Joseph Vaz, Fr Simon Fernandes reflected on different experiences of faith. He cited two personal examples wherein on one hand a persecuted woman from Orissa pledged to die rather than give up her Christian faith and on the other hand a depressed daughter decided never again to trust God as her prayers went unanswered with the death of her father. "Spreading of faith is not a duty, but a genuine responsibility of every baptized Christian," he elaborated.
Focusing on the theme 'Blessed Joseph Vaz: A model of staunch Christian faith', Fernandes reminded the congregation that this year has been declared as the Year of Faith Pope Benedict XVI. He mentioned that the the pope prays for strengthening of faith, its celebration and proclamation. "From childhood till priesthood, Blessed Joseph Vaz strengthened his faith by studying the lives of saints. Through the acts of charity, he celebrated and proclaimed his faith," he added.
The rector of the sanctuary of Blessed Joseph Vaz, Fr Eremito Rebello reminded the congregation that Joseph Vaz has already been declared Blessed and the need of the hour is to pray unceasingly for his sainthood. [TOI]