Three- in- one party custard pudding

Three- in- one party custard pudding

Introduction :


Ingredients :

Use custard powder Use milk


Boil the milk, put it into 3 parts and cool.
Divide custard powder into 3 parts. Make custard of one part each of milk and custard powder and cocoa.
Add raisins when mixture thickens. Pour into a pudding mould or glass bowl. Cool and chill until firm.
Next make plain vanilla custard of the second part of milk and custard powder.
Cool and pour over the chocolate layer only when it is firm.
Finally mix coffee into 2 tablespoons hot water and make coffee custard is ready. Cool and our over the chilled, firm,
vanilla custard.
Chill again until firm. If using a pudding mould turn the pudding carefully on a plate.