Three shops sealed in Mapusa


The Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) on Wednesday sealed three shops besides taking other steps to recover a huge outstanding rent of nearly Rs 2.75 crore from shopkeepers and residents in Mapusa.
According to MMC sources, an amount of Rs 34,69,971 is due from shopkeepers in the municipal market. The MMC had sent notices to over 100 defaulters and on Wednesday, decided to seal five shops with huge pending dues.
When MMC officials went to seal five shops in the market, two shop owners quickly paid their dues and the officials then sealed the three other shops.
With regard to house tax, the amount outstanding till December 31, 2012 was Rs 2,41,35,920 but the MMC managed to recover Rs 25,79,709 from January to March 6, after sending notices to defaulters.
“As per rules, the MMC is required to issue formal notices to the owners of the houses followed by demand notices. If the defaulters do not pay the house tax, the MMC can issue warrants and thereafter, a special order for recovery of dues,” said an MMC official.
“If the defaulter does not pay the house tax even after the issue of a Special Order, the Goa Municipality Act empowers the MMC to seize the goods in the house of the defaulters to recover the outstanding dues. For the first time, the MMC has issued a warrant to six house owners for recovery of the house tax,” the official added.
“If shopkeepers in the Mapusa market pay the rent regularly, MMC can earn revenue of Rs1 crore yearly and can also earn around Rs 2 crore in house taxes. But many shopkeepers and house owners do not pay their dues, on account of which the MMC faces a financial crunch,” said the official. [H]