Tiatr song against Cuncolim MLA angers supporters; show ends abruptly


A free tiatr staged at Cuncolim on Sunday ended abruptly midway after one group bitterly protested over a song allegedly directed at the local MLA Rajan Naik, while singing praises of former MLA Joaquim Alemao.
Hell broke loose after a local singer allegedly took pot shots at MLA Rajan in his song, which was objected to by a group of Joaquim’s opponents. They questioned the singer for singing a political song and created a ruckus, forcing the singer to leave the stage. The show came to an abrupt end thereafter, as the musical band decided to pack their bags, amidst the confusion and verbal duels at the venue.
Joaquim Alemao, who was invited as the chief guest, is also believed to have faced the ire of the group, who demanded to know why he has returned to Cuncolim when the people had booted him out in the elections. 
Sources said there was no incident when Joaquim Alemao and Cuncolim Municipal Chairperson Devendra Dessai addressed the gathering during the interval break. It was only when the local singer sang the song that protests came from the group. 
The incident assumes significance and comes against the backdrop of the former Urban Development Minister’s plans to make his presence felt in Cuncolim from 2013. Joaquim has already disclosed his plans to re-open his Cuncolim office from March 2013. He said the Sunday incident will not stop him from re-opening his office. [H]