Tillari breach: WRD Minister demands inquiry from Maharashtra govt


The WRD Minister, Mr Dayanand Mandrekar, who visited the Tillari canal at Sateli-Bhedshi on Wednesday, has sought an inquiry from the Maharashtra government into the circumstances which led to the breach of the Tillari canal. It may be recalled that the main Tillari canal, which supplies water to North Goa farmers, had breached on Tuesday and water had gushed into fields admeasuring over 50 acres damaging plantations and standing crops.
The breach which is about 75 feet in circumference has created fear among farmers both in Goa and Maharashtra, who will have to go through shortage of water for at least next two months. Plantations of sugarcane, coconut, bananas and others are expected to be hit due to water crisis. Villagers have raised apprehensions over the quality of works of the canal in Maharashtra and have voiced concern over another breach in near future.
The WRD Minister, who was accompanied by the WRD chief engineer, Mr Sandeep Nadkarni and others, after the inspection, claimed that a rare quantity of cement along with sludge was used instead of concrete mixture due to which the canal work was of substandard quality.
However, Mr Mandrekar assured of providing adequate water to farmers by making alternative arrangement from Amathane dam till the work of repairs of the Tillari canal is completed. The engineer, Mr Nadkarni stated that the process of providing water from Amathane dam will be undertaken soon.[NT]