‘Train children to defend themselves’


All schools must have security in place and the time has come to train children to defend themselves, feel educationists and persons working with children.
Dr Nandita de Souza, head of the Sethu Trust speaking to TOI, said all schools should have security, and parents should be made aware of childhood sexuality.
Most importantly, children should be trained in preventive education. De Souza said even pre-school children should be thought three important things: 'stop', 'get away' and 'go tell somebody'.
She suggested that there should be an established protocol and guidelines to deal with such incidents. "There have to be some guidelines so that there is no chaos when such tragic incidents happen," she said
Stating that she is not feeling safe in Goa, Dr Babita Angle from Margao said there is a complete and total failure of the state machinery. "Some of our police themselves are involved in sexual harassment cases, and more so if they get a call they let the accused go," she said adding that the police are not trustworthy.
She also said the tourism department should reorient its policies and stop portraying women in bikinis.
Ramesh Vanskar, teacher and writer with Our Lady of Snows high school, Raia, suggested that schools be more careful and ensure that students staying at far from schools be not sent home alone when their parents do not come to pick them.
"Children should not be sent away with a relative or a guardian unless there are clear instructions from parents," Vanskar said.
Rupa Khope, a teacher at Dhempe higher secondary school said the time has come that not just children but parents too be given lessons .
"Children need to be told what to do if any stranger tries to pamper or exploit them," Khope said insisting that the system has be overhauled so that such crimes do not happen again. [TOI]