Transport dept wants lessons on road safety in school curriculum


The transport department is planning to propose to the education department to incorporate lessons on road safety and provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act for high school students. It also wishes to get up to 10 schools in each taluka and 20 colleges in Goa, to train its students as wardens and have road safety patrols, due to increasing deaths of youth in road accidents.
 “A lot of attempts had been made in the past but this time we will pursue it with Goa Board and National Council of Educational Research and Training,” transport director Arun Desai said Monday. The aim is to have lessons in textbooks, or informal learning for students of Classes VIII, IX and X.
 “We will take up this matter with the education department, Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education and NCERT,” he said pointing out that in most cases of road accidents deaths, persons of ages 18 to 35 are victims and young minds need to be educated on observing road safety at an early age. 
The department also needs to focus on the new menace of pedestrians talking on cell phones while crossing the road, oblivious of the speeding traffic.
Meanwhile, the transport department which concluded the Road Safety Week Monday has chalked out its action plan for mooting safe roads and safe motoring through out the year by involving and training 5000 school and college students.
Desai said that the department is trying to get at least eight to 10 schools in each taluka and about 20 colleges in Goa to train and have road safety patrol and wardens.
 “The objective is to train and impart knowledge on road safety and in turn create more awareness so as to reduce accidents and deaths on Goan roads,” explained Dessai.
He also said that the transport department is working with the excise department and the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa to create awareness throughout the year on the hazards of drinking and driving.
As much as it is essential to create awareness among the general public in Goa, the transport department thinks it fit to educate the 25 lakh tourists visiting Goa on the risks of drinking and driving by issuing stickers, pamphlets and information at entry points, liquor outlets, bars and restaurants. 
This will be in addition to checking riders and motorists with the use of alcometers through the enforcement wing of the traffic cell and department, said Desai. [H]