Trawlers anchored at Palolem coast


It was a rare sight at Palolem beach, as strong winds forced several fishing trawlers to anchor close to the coast since Wednesday afternoon. There were about 50 trawlers anchored close to the coast on Wednesday, following a meteorological department’s warning to fishermen of Goa and Maharashtra to abandon deep sea fishing activities and return to the nearest coast. Around 40 fishing trawlers were seen anchored off the Palolem beach coast on Thursday. “Most trawlers are believed to be from Betul, Mormugao and even from Panjim fishing jetties and they are now anchored at Palolem coast,” informed a source.
When contacted, an officer at the Indian Meteorological office at Altinho-Panjim informed that there was a weather warning issued to fishermen of Goa and Maharashtra on Wednesday afternoon for a 24-hour period, which was further extended to another 24 hours on Thursday afternoon. “The present wind velocity is between 40-45 Kmph as against Wednesday’s wind velocity of 40 Kmph and it can attain a speed of up to 60 Kmph,” replied the officer. Incidentally,  the large presence of fishing trawlers off the Palolem coast provided a rare attraction to the many visitors at the beach. Quite a few domestic tourists were seen clicking photos of the stranded trawlers across the backdrop of the ‘Konko Island’ near Palolem beach. [H]