TTAG all praise for ‘well- organised carnival, food fest’


The president of Travel and Tourism Association of Goa, Mr Francisco de Braganca has praised the Tourism Minister, Mr Dilip Parulekar and the Tourism department for organising the Carnival and Food Festival in an efficient manner.
“Carnival this year has been well organised. The revival of the Food Festival has added a new flavour to the Carnival. Panaji, specially the Municipal Gardens, was well decorated which had a colourful look,” a press note issued by Mr Braganca said.
“The likes of Wendell Rodricks, Farhan Akhtar, Parikrama, Remo Fernandes etc raised the standard and quality of the entertainment at the Food Festival. The Food Festival added continuity to the festival and provided entertainment to the tourists throughout their stay in Goa,” says Mr Braganca.
There was also great awareness of the Carnival all over India which created great interest in Goa leading to an influx of tourists to the state. It resulted in high occupancies for all the hotels and good sales at restaurants and shacks all over Goa. The trade hopes that such excellence is continued in all events sponsored and done by the government, the release said.
Mr Ralph D’Souza, the ex-president of TTAG as well as the head of the Tourism cell also voiced similar opinions and was all praise for the government for the show put up for the three days. He however said that we should do a still better job next year. He said that all the agents and franchisees all over India and the world want to know whether the Food Festival is a permanent feature.
Mr Ernest Dias also stated that he would like to congratulate the Tourism Minister, Mr Parulekar and the government of Goa for an excellent job and added that whatever glitches were there should be cleared during the next year.
Mr Savio Messias, the vice-president of TTAG was equally well praise for the organisation of the Carnival and the Food Festival. He was confident that such events will improve the image of Goa and bring more tourists into the state.
Mr Guitry Velho, the general manager of Heritage Village Club Resort at Arossim, said that the fact that this year’s Carnival was well organised will have a huge commercial impact on the tourism industry and will definitely improve tourist inflow if it is organised the way it was this year.
According to the TTAG president, overall the hospitality industry was extremely happy with the organisation of the Carnival this year and most hotels were full during the Carnival. He said that we need more airlines coming into Goa so as to take care of the higher demand during such festivals.
“Private airlines should be encouraged to divert their flights during festivals into Goa to take care of the increased demand during such periods,” Mr Braganca said. He also felt that approvals need to be given for new hotels by finalising the Tourism Master plan so that the pricing of the hotels can remain competitive.
“Goa does not have carrying capacity during such festivals and we need to do something to increase the flights and hotel rooms at high-end spectrum. Otherwise all our efforts in creating demand will not increase our revenues. If such activities are done round the year we will need more hotels and more flights,” Mr Braganca said.
“There were some areas where some improvements are required for the future. We do understand that all these things cannot be organised overnight. The government has done a wonderful job in putting up a great show in the shortest possible time. The industry is looking forward at a better performance for the next year. We however need to do a little introspection and see which areas we can improve further. TTAG on its own will place its observation before the government so as bring about an improvement in the future,” Mr Braganca concluded. [NT]