Two arrested in case of road rage


The Maina-Curtorim police on Tuesday arrested two persons from Tiswadi, for allegedly assaulting three family members from Pune. This incident took place on Monday night and the two were arrested on Tuesday. According to information given by PSI, Mr Pradeep Velip, four members of a family and a friend from Pune were coming from Nuvem area in a Tata Nano car towards Margao, and since there was dirt on the front windshield of the car, the driver used the wiper to clean the glass with water. However, the water from the wiper sprayed on two persons who were traveling on a motorcycle, which was behind the Nano car. Angered at this the motorcycle riders went ahead of the car and forced it to stop. The passengers of the car got out of the same and there was an exchange of words between them and the motorcycle riders. The arguments took an ugly turn when the motorcycle riders assaulted the occupants of the car. The alleged accused also told them that they are policemen and also threatened. Police said that in the melee one female passenger was pushed and clothes of the family members were also torn.
The family members asked the alleged accused to show their identity cards to prove that they were policemen, which the duo could not do and hence the matter was taken to the Maina-Curtorim police. [NT]