Two get police custody after birth verification


Verification of birth certificates proved to be the deciding factor between a remand home and police custody for two of the three accused in a burglary at Baina. Vasco police had arrested three youth in connection with a burglary on Thursday and all three were initially considered minors as their age could not be verified. Vasco PSI Nikhil Palyekar managed to obtain the birth certificates of two accused and their revealed that while Ashraf Abdul Shaik of Baina was 18 years, the other accused, Nazir Jaffar Sheik of Katem-Baina was 20 years. PSI Palyekar informed that Ashraf and Nazir have been remanded to five days police custody, while the third accused has been sent to the Children’s Home at Merces as he is a minor. [H]