Two saved at Dudhsagar

The decision to post Drishti lifeguards at the famed Dudhsagar Waterfalls since February 1 had an immediate impact, as lifeguards saved two persons in separate incidents on Sunday and Monday.

In a letter on January 31, the tourism department had directed Drishti to post lifeguards at Dudhsagar Waterfalls, due to an increasing number of locals and tourists visiting the site.

Accordingly, Drishti deployed two lifeguards at Dudhsagar Waterfalls from February 1 and the lifeguards were soon put to test.

On Sunday, there was a crowd of around 40 to 50 tourists at the waterfalls, when one person tried to climb a rock but slipped and fell into deep water. He panicked and raised an alarm. Lifeguards rushed to his aid and a friend of the victim also went to assist him, only to find himself also in danger. A lifeguard then rescued both victims from the river. [H]