Unemployed youth allowed 50 deck beds


The state tourism department is scrutinizing applications from unemployed youth for putting up deck beds.
The department has received 78 applications, but has decided to grant permissions to the same 50 who put up deck beds last year. "Last year, we had granted 50 applications, and this season the government has asked us not to allow more than 50," a tourism department official said.
When asked about the delay in processing the applications, the official said the beach shack policy is different this season, and includes new clauses which were not part of the earlier policy. "Our workload has increased, and after we realized that some applicants submitted forged documents, we are now being extra cautious," he said.
"We are almost through. Some have already collected their permission," he added.
An applicant is permitted to put up four pairs of deck beds. He is charged Rs 750 per deck bed as fees, and 6,000 on four pairs, plus a security deposit of 10,000.
The official said private shacks will also be given permission depending on the availability of space. [TOI]