Union threatens strike over biometric issue


Asserting that they do not agree with the system of biometric finger scan readers, Margao Municipal employees on Monday asked Municipal Chief Officer to drop the idea of introducing bio-metric scan machines for marking attendance of the employees.
Toughening its stand on the issue, the employees warned that they will resist all attempts by the municipality to forcefully implement the biometric finger scan and threatened to resort to tool-down/pen-down strike if the muster roll is withdrawn by the Council.
Incidentally, the stop-gap Chief Officer and Additional Collector, Deepali Naik, had stated last week that she would implement the bio-metric finger scan reader from Tuesday or Wednesday, Naik told Herald on Monday that she would go through the reply before taking a call. 
Moreover, Ms Naik maintained that she would be holding additional charge of Margao Municipality for the next two days, before the full-time CO Sandhya Kamat assumes office on Thursday.
Submitting their writing objections and suggestions to the Chief Officer, the employees under the banner of Goa Municipal Employees Association hoped that better understanding will prevail and the Chief Officer will not make it as a prestige issue. 
They have called for dropping the idea of implementing bio-metric scan reader till such time the statuette is amended and marking of attendance through biometric scan machine is put in force and the grievances of the workers are addressed by the Council.
Moreover, the employees said the CO has not clarified whether she has resolved the difficulties of the workers as per the affidavit-in-reply filed before the High Court.
“The Union submits that they do not agree to the introduction of biometric scan machine for marking attendance of the workers and employees as the system is not provided under the law as applicable to the Margao Municipal Council,” they maintained.
They demanded to know how the civic body would mark attendance of workers, drivers, peons who work late or remain in office till the Chairperson and CO leave office. [H]