UP labourer found dead at Marcaim


Salauddin Chaudhary, 30, a labourer from Uttar Pradesh (UP) was found dead in a waterline chamber near the Marcaim industrial estate on Sunday afternoon.
Ponda PI C L Patil said that another labourer spotted him lying dead in the chamber and informed police. Although the body showed some signs of decomposition with several injuries, he rejected the possibility of any homicide.
"There were 20,000 in the pocket of the deceased. A carpet was found in his armpit and his bed sheet was stuck to a pole. It shows that the man collapsed in the chamber accidentally while passing by during the night," Patil said adding that he had last spoken to his colleagues late Saturday evening.
Police have preserved the body in the mortuary of the GMC and an autopsy on the body will be conducted after his kin arrive in Goa. [TOI]