Utilize Konkani in daily life: Parrikar


Chief minister Manohar Parrikar on Friday said that Konkani will prosper and flourish if efforts are made to ensure that the language is put to "maximum use". Speaking as the chief guest at the 21st akhil Bhartiya konkani sahitya sammelan at Margao, Parrikar said that linking the knowledge of Konkani to one's source of living was central to the development of Konkani.
"When one develops a sense of belonging towards Konkani, and therefore feels the need to know this language, and when this issue is linked to the question of livelihood, many issues will get solved," Parrikar said, but didn't elaborate on the issue.Detailing the attempts made by his government in popularizing Konkani, Parrikar complimented speaker Rajendra Arlekar for conducting all the proceedings of the state legislative assembly in Konkani. Stating that he would try to present a substantial part of his budget in Konkani, the chief minister also disclosed plans of having 2-3 translators in each government department for the purpose of translating official documents into Konkani. He said that the maximum use of Konkani by the public was central to the success of the government's efforts in supporting the state's official language.
"The government can only plant a seedling. It's the job of society to ensure that the seedling grows into a full-grown tree and bears fruit. The government can only provide the push, it's the people who have to use Konkani to the maximum extent possible," Parrikar said.
Supporting the contention that a child's primary education should be in his mother tongue, Parrikar said that learning in one's mother tongue helped a child to switch over to any other language effortlessly. [TOI]