Varca villagers demand migrants’ survey

 The issue of migrants was hotly debated by the Varca locals during the gram sabha held on Sunday.
The gathered members of the gram sabha suggested that a proper  survey has to be  conducted by the panchayat to know the exact number of migrants  holding the ration cards.

“We must stress for the deletion of these migrants’ names from the electoral rolls,’’ a villager demanded with the sarpanch, Ms Luiza A J Pereira and the elected body.
However, another villager said that each panchayat member should  go through the electoral roll of their respective ward and find out the number of migrants enrolled and  accordingly  a collective  report should  be submitted  to the mamlatdar for necessary action.
The sarpanch, however, pointed out that it is the locals who let the rooms and  issue them with the NOCs, which help them in obtaining  ration cards.
She opined  that  this has to be stopped first in order to control such enrollments.
The locals questioned the elected  representatives whether they have  passed any  multi-housing project as against  a resolution taken by the earlier body on October 19, 2008  that no NOCs should be given to multi-housing project in the village.
The locals pointed out that the builders have failed to make provisions for basic infrastructure such as garbage disposal, power supply, drainage, etc, therefore such projects should not be permitted.   
A villager and a lawyer by profession, Mr Mildred Mendonca, explained how important and effective the  panchayat  resolution is and cited a  Supreme Court  judgment  to support his statement.
Unbending villager, Mr Nazareth Pinto demanded a revocation of the licence granted for a multi-housing project in the village.
Assuring villagers on the issue of garbage disposal by hotels, the sarpanch said that an inspection would be conducted in the hotels and subsequently a report  would be  prepared  as to how the hotels dispose their waste.
She also  said that  the owners of the housing projects would be given time of two months to install composting units and added that after  December 2012, the panchayat would again check them and accordingly action would be taken.
It was also resolved to keep the  Varca beach clean by appointing a security man.
The locals  pointed out that the  picnickers  dirty the beach by dumping their food waste on the beach and in the nearby  bushes and  nullah. It was also decided to charge nominal fee from the  vehicles bringing in the picnickers.
Six of the  seven panchayat members were present for the gram sabha. The BDO observer was also present. [NT]