Vasco, Goa is with you

Vasco: The situation in Vasco is heart-breaking with several deaths reported from that town. The lockdown and the general hardship have had an effect on the residents of the town. This, however, does not mean the rest of Goa has forgotten them. Goans from various parts of the state articulated their support for the beleaguered town urging them to hang in there.
Vasco, Goa is with you

Ajit John
It is definitely sad to read about the deaths in Vasco due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and we all pray and hope that all of Vasco’s and Goa’s residents that are suffering from this illness, recover soon. Our prayers and wishes to them and their family members in these trying times. Don’t lose hope, and stay positive. This too shall pass.

Nupura Hautamaki Anjuna,”Panic and fear are like by-products of novel Coronavirus. In this tough time, we have to accept COVID-19 as part and parcel of our life. We cannot run away from it, hence have to face it bravely with proper self-precautionary measures. I think we all Goans can beat COVID-19 if we follow the basic rules like wearing masks. Hence people from Vasco need not worry. Because worrying cannot bring any solutions to the table. We all Goans are with people of Vasco and can understand what they must be going through.”
Disha Mashelkar Bicholim

Dear Vascokars, You are the legacy of Vasco da Gama… who explored and searched his way through… and now to you will walk through all this and create an era of your own facing and fighting the struggles of life.
Glenda Mascarenhas, Panjim

With a lot of Covid 19 cases rising in Vasco, it has brought down the morale of the people and a lot of stigma is associated with the place. However, it’s commanding to see how people of Vasco are actually working together with the authorities to combat the virus because it’s not easy to stay in lockdown situation for long but despite all the hardships and difficulties they are all doing their part. We could also do our part by maintaining social distancing and wearing masks when in public. Another thing that we could do is assure the people of Vasco that we are all in this together and come what may we will fight it together. If not, Vasco it could have been our own locality let’s break away from the stigma and support each other.
Venita Gomes, Nuvem.

These are testing times for residents of Vasco and its surrounding areas – but it’s also important to note that maximum testing too is happening here and very soon we would have it 100% tested and recovered too. Vasco & its residents would be setting the standards for precautions, safety measures, and recovery tips too. We Goans are all in it together and we need to remember that we all would be going through this ordeal sooner or later. As is being rightly publicised – let’s fight the disease and not the person/area effected
Nikhil Shah Panjim

COVID has changed life today, we have to take care of ourselves and our loved ones the only way to do that is a responsibility, responsibility to wear a mask, distance ourselves socially and sanitize ourselves, running was never an option as it has spread everywhere. The people of Vasco I say this to you, take heart, take courage, the people of Goa are always with you as life isn’t about avoiding the bruises but it’s about collecting the scars to prove we showed up for it
Nigel Barreto Raia

In order to know the actual number of COVID positive cases in the state, testing needs to be ramped up across Goa and not only focussed in Vasco. It’s unfortunate that Vasco is treated like “Wuhan”. This is the time where we all need to support each other instead of playing divisive politics. Everyone needs to behave like responsible citizens and it’s just a matter of time we will get through this together.
Joshua Thapa, Vasco

Dear Vascocars, We know you all are going through tough times with this COVID-19 Situation. It is really sad to see that some Businesses and Government Offices have been distancing themselves from you all causing a Stigma. Which is not Fair at all. Coronavirus can affect anyone. So Targeting our Vascocars like this just because some positive cases have been detected is certainly not a way to treat our own people. The reason I am saying is I have many close friends and relatives living in Vasco. I am sure almost everyone will have friends or relatives living there, so we cannot just say us and them. My appeal to our fellow Goans is to be more humane. God forbid if anyone of us gets affected by this Coronavirus and get stigmatized, we will realize the pain. Let’s stand by our brothers and sisters from Vasco, as it is they are going through a lot. Let’s give them the strength and prayers.

Kulashekhar Kantipudi Panjim. [H]