Vehicle number plate painters to fix HSRPs: Government


 It appears that the state government may have given in to the demands of the local vehicle number plate painters, by allowing them to fix the High security registration plates (HSRPs) which are to be approved soon.
Transport director Arun Desai told TOI that the process for fresh tenders is on and the tenders will be floated next week.He said the new tenders will be for manufacturing and supply of HSRPs only, and fixing of the plates will be done by the local painters.
Desai said the number plate painters had approached chief minister Manohar Parrikar on the issue and Parrikar had agreed to give the painters contracts to fix the plates. Earlier this year, the number plate painters association had strongly opposed the policy on High security registration plates since its introduction would affect their business.
The HSRP saga in the state has been a long-drawn one. The state government had first invited bids for HSRP in 2005 and had signed a contract with Shimnit Utsch in 2008. Following a widespread public uproar over the high rates being charged, the contract was scrutinized by the government and irregularities were found.
The government then issued a show-cause notice to the company in November 2010 and formally terminated the contract with Shimnit Utsch in January, 2011.
In May, 2011, the high court of Bombay at Goa also dismissed a petition by the company challenging termination of the contract by the state government.
Subsequently, the government decided to re-tender the HSRP project. In the tenders issued in May 2012, just two companies bid for the contract to fix High security registration plates on vehicles in Goa in a five-year contract. The cost of fixing High security registration plates in the May, 2012, bids had been reduced by more than 50%, as compared to the price fixed by Shimnit Utsch. [TOI]