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Vijai against ‘outsiders’ involvement in mining

Panjim/Margao: Goa Forward president and TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai said he would prefer a complete shutdown of mining operations, rather than handing them over to outsiders.“We welcome the decision of the SC since it could cleanse the Goan mining industry of illegalities and corrupt practices that have brought Goa in the news for all the wrong reasons. However, the frightening scenario is if the new procedure for granting leases leads to Indianisation of Goa’s mining industry allowing bidders from outside to not only take over our mines but all related ancillary trades,” he said.He further said, “This could lead to mafia rule as portrayed in the Hindi film ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’. In case there is any such possibility of the control of Goa’s mining industry going out of Goa, we would prefer a total shutdown of mining in the State.”He added, “The movie portrayed the mafia that has been created in the Dhanbad region and that should not be recreated here in Goa. Indianisation can create that.”He further said, “People and government have to be alert and take measures to make sure that the nationalisation and Indianisation of mining doesn’t elbow out Goans.” [H]

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