Vijai demands CBI inquiry into de-notified land

Claiming that the state government was unable to act on the issue of land acquisition at Dabolim airport for parking purpose, Fatorda MLA, Mr Vijai Sardesai on Wednesday demanded a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) inquiry into the matter.

Addressing the media, Mr Sardesai said, "I will call on the Governor and demand an immediate CBI inquiry into it."

He alleged that the land acquisition issue was a state-sponsored fraud and demanded immediate acquisition of the de-notified land for parking purpose.

Alleging further that both, the Congress and the BJP government in the state protected the interests of a private builder, he said that the mystery of the airport parking land scam deepens each passing day.

The Fatorda MLA said that the Airport Authority of India (AAI) had written to the collector of south Goa, who has also agreed that, the de-notified land is best suited for parking since the other lands are fragmented and unsuitable.

"In the case of the offered alternative land it appears that the state government wanted to remove the Navy as occupant and replace it with the Chicalim comunidade so that it could be acquired. The Navy was obviously sought to be dispossessed by ex-parte orders," he alleged stating that, subsequently, the Navy has obtained a stay from the administrative tribunal.

Mr Sardesai said that the flag officer commanding, Goa Naval area, had written to the state government that an ongoing project at the de-notified land was considered as a serious threat to military, VVIP and civil aviation security.

Mr Sardesai said that the letter of the naval officer revealed that the area can be used as a safe haven for disruptive elements or for valuable intelligence gathering as full view and access to the runway will be easily available to the unrestricted civil population of the area, and that, if the area remains under the control of the AAI as originally intended, the degree of threat would be significantly contained.

Mr Sardesai said that the state government by keeping mum on the issue was encouraging people to break the defence rules and jeopardise the national security. "With no alternative land thus available, the de-notified land will have to be re-acquired immediately," he reiterated. [NT]