Vijay assures support to Maddel farmers


Assuring full support to the farmers of Maddel to protect their agricultural land, the Fatorda MLA, Mr Vijay Sardesai, said that he would be “with the  farmers to agitate and even face lathi-charge.”
Addressing the farmers’ protest meet at Maddel in Fatorda, on Tuesday, Mr Sardesai said that he would even be ready to approach court to save the agricultural land of around 2 lakh sq mt, which was  earlier  acquired  by  the government  for the purpose of  truck  terminus and later the project was scraped, and added that the present  government is now  trying to make use it for constructing the  new KTC bus stand.
What  perhaps compelled the farmers to have a meeting in the  same agricultural land, close to the wholesale fish market, was the recent statement of the Chief Minister,  Mr Manohar Parrikar, who  announced that a KTC bus stand would be built at this place even though the earlier government  had proposed it at the existing  KTC  bus stand.
Mr Sardesai challenged the former  Fatorda MLA,  Mr Damodar Naik to convince these  farmers  about the benefits they would get after the KTC bus stand is constructed in their agricultural land.
“When Mr Naik  was the  vice-chairman of SUDA, he  forcefully proposed the KTC bus stand here despite having huge land acquired by the erstwhile government to construct the state-of the art bus stand. His decisions were in contrast to what I did when I enjoyed the same post. I scraped the truck terminus proposal immediately in the interest of the farmers,’’  he added.
Fr Bismarck Dias accused the government of carrying out development  by taking away poor farmers’ land in the state despite the promise to revert back the land, which the former government had acquired. 
“There seems to be no difference between the BJP and Congress  government rules in Goa,” he added.
Ms Aida Fernandes, the member of the Goa Xetkaramcho Ekvott, while expressing her support to these Maddel Xetkaramcho Ekvott,  said that they should collectively fight against the  government decision. 
It may be recalled that the said  land was  acquired during the BJP rule in Goa. However, when the Congress government came to power the project of truck terminus was scraped. But, the government could not use the land for other purpose. Therefore it was lying  unused. [NT]