Vijay criticises police functioning


Claiming that a string of  robberies  and break-ins that occurred recently in Fatorda and Margao areas strengthens the people’s belief  that the Margao  police  station has ceased  to function  as a police station, the  Fatorda MLA, Mr Vijay Sardesai  said that  this Margao police station has become a political outpost for settling the political scores.
“The incidents of the day light robberies occurring at various places in Goa and at Fatorda with an alarming regularity confirms that the law and order machinery has touched rock bottom during the Parivartan  Rule,’’ he stated.
Pointing to the incidents of day light robberies that occurred in Fatorda and Margao during the last three days, including  the one at Maddel  where   jewellery  and other  valuables worth Rs 30 lakh were looted during the busy morning  hours, Mr Sardesai said that the locals of Fatorda suggested of forming vigilance squads for protecting the local residents, but  feared that  being in the opposition,
“the  decision may  go otherwise as the autocratic  government  could well enforce NSA against these citizens, in line with the ongoing  policy of the political vendetta.”
“The locals of Fatorda  showed  video
footages captured  by CCTV cameras showing
underclad youth nonchalantly  jumping  over
boundary  walls of  bungalows. The police  also have  referred  to these criminals  as an underwear  gang,  but have failed  to take  any preventive  or punitive action,’’ he added.
He highlighted the need of increasing the police force with dedicated police personnel.  
Mr Sardesai urged the Chief Minister that  to fulfil  his election  promise and  create a separate police station for Fatorda. [NT]