Vijay should extend unconditional support to government: Parrikar


 The Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar, on Saturday, categorically stated that the Fatorda MLA, Mr Vijay Sardesai, should extend unconditional support to the government for five years to get the maximum benefit for  Fatorda.
Speaking to the media on the sidelines of his visit to the new  Collectorate  building in Margao,  on Saturday,  Mr Parrikar said that the MLA should first try to pass on the available government  scheme to the people instead of demanding changes instantly.
“He should first  try to take the benefit of the scheme and then can demand the changes,’’ he  remarked adding that “If I  have to make a crisp comment on it (the issue), I would only say that this (house-wife) scheme  would not be for Fatorda  people. They  are rich.’’
When asked by the  media  to react to the  Fatorda MLA’s   statement   who has said that the ceiling of  Rs 3 lakh  income  for the  said scheme would deny  the benefits to the  middle class people of Goa, Mr Parrikar   said “he ( Vijay ) being  the  first time MLA, he should have a positive look of the schemes.” 
“What the Congress government did not do in the last  seven and half  years,  the BJP  government has done in few months. Let  us  accept it. We will be effecting the necessary changes in the schemes certainly after  observations and in the due course of time,’’ he said while  speaking to the media. 
Explaining further, the Chief Minister said that  his government has never differentiated in sanctioning the schemes to the people of  Goa.
“While sanctioning the Ladli Laxmi Scheme, I have given consideration to 26.07  per cent  Catholics,  3.5 per cent Muslims and the remaining percentage to Hindus. This sanctions were based on the  calculation  of the  2001 census. There may be  slight difference.  I am  revealing this to clarify to those who have made allegations  against me that  certain community was sidelined while sanctioning the scheme,’’ he added.
He  informed that  the application forms  which were  all  correct, were approved first, while those applicants submitted  incomplete  forms were asked to correct them with proper  documentation.
“We hardly  rejected the forms.  The number of  rejected  forms was  just  13,’’ he said assuring to reach the scheme to all deserving people in the state. [NT]