Vintage Hospitals announces free of cost Cancer Centre


 On the occasion of Mr Narayan Bandekar’s 70th Birthday, Vintage Hospitals formally announced the launch of its Narayan Bandekar Cancer Centre, a medical boon for the underprivileged cancer sufferers.
Vintage Hospitals, in the heart of Panaji, has been providing healthcare facilities for over a decade. Established by Dr Suresh Dubhashi, who is an FRCS from Glasgow & Edinburgh, Vintage Hospitals has carved a niche for itself amongst Goan, Indian and International patients over the years. Acknowledging the social causes undertaken by Mr Bandekar it was decided to launch the activity at his hands. The occasion of Mr Bandekar’s 70th Birthday is the right time to give very pleasant news to the State of Goa. Speaking on the occasion Industrialist, Philanthropist Nana Bandekar while lauding the efforts of Vintage Hospital over the past decade, expressed happiness at the opening of the Cancer centre. Mr Bandekar further stated that Vintage should continue the good work it has been giving to the people of the state. [NT]