Introduction :


Ingredients :

Use 4 coconuts, grated
Use 200 gms of raw rice (soak overnight)
Use 1kg coconut jaggery
Use 1/4 kg channa dal (Soak overnight)
Use 1 tbsp sugar
Use salt to taste


Boil the channa dal well and keep aside. Grind grated coconut coarsely and extract about 20 to 25 cups (about 21/2 litres) of thick and thin coconut juice altogether.
Grind rice and blend it well with the coconut juice and set on the fire. Stiring continuously, cook the rice and coconut mixture on slow fire till the mixture bubbles well.
Then add jaggery. As the mixture begins to thicken add sugar and salt. Keep for five minutes. Remove from the fire and cool. Serve in bowls (traditionally in saucers).