Wagh roars at Sardesai for expenditure comment


Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) vice-chairperson Vishnu Wagh was only waiting for the right time to strike back. The MLA could not resist taking potshots at Fatorda MLA Vijay Sardesai who had criticized Wagh for 'wasteful expenditure' on peripheral activities to be held as part of the 43rd International Film Festival of India (Iffi) as the state was reeling under the mining crisis.
"Vijay Sardesai is giving statements in the media saying that I am making wasteful expenditure for Iffi. I want to know why he gave huge sums to fund Narkasur-making competitions during Diwali? Why did he celebrate Diwali in a big way? He should have given those lakhs of rupees to mining-affected people. It would be useful for the people," Wagh said. He said that Sardesai should correct himself before pointing fingers at others.
Wagh said that though the number of villages where the activities are being held has gone up from eight to 20, the budget has been managed in such a meticulous way to make it fit without spending any more money than what was allotted for the purpose. "For those who are asking why Iffi should be in Goa, I say it is for Goan artistes. Right from the sky lamps to the cloth tulips used to decorate the Iffi venue, Goan artistes have been employed in preparing for the festival. To create a film culture in Goa, we need to have these cultural performances across the state. These cultural performances are the basis of films. Films are only the final product of all these arts," Wagh said. [TOI]