Walkers and Joggers track at Fatorda still incomplete


 The ‘Walkers and Joggers’ track located along the periphery of the outside grounds Nehru stadium, Fatorda, which was inaugurated by the erstwhile government with much pomp, is still found to be incomplete by about 150metres.
Sources at the Nehru stadium disclosed that the contractor had promised to complete the ‘incomplete track’ before the onset of monsoons. Stadium manager Mr Guru Vernekar told The Navhind Times that the track still remains incomplete. This was also confirmed by Assistant Engineer Elvis D’Souza who is posted at Nehru stadium to oversee the renovation work in view of the Lusofonia Games.
Many senior citizens besides youngsters and ladies who utilise the track informed this paper that the area where the track remains incomplete has been creating hindrance as they are not able to jog and walk around comfortably. There have been some incidents of people tripping or slipping down while using the track, sustaining minor injuries at times.
A couple of such incidents reportedly took place during the rainy season, a source disclosed.
The stadium manager stated that the contractor has promised to complete the track before the onset of rainy season but has not been able to keep his word.
The engineer when contacted said that the jogging track was started before he was posted at the Nehru stadium but was kind enough to furnish some details as to the reasons why this track has remained incomplete for so long.
“The rubburised granules track which looks good enough has remained incomplete as the contractor has run out of the necessary chemicals which are to be used while laying this track,” disclosed a source, adding: “This chemical is very important for binding the granules and that this particular chemical is not available in the state of Goa and that it has to be procured from outside the state.”
Sources also confirmed that the contractor was granted extension in completing the track twice on payment of some fine. The fine was a sort of penalty the contractor had to bear for delaying the work of completing the track, adding further that the deadline to complete the track was before the monsoon.
It was learnt that a report will be submitted to the government in a couple of days presenting details about the number of extensions given to the contractor to complete the track, adding further that letters to the government or the higher authorities have already been written intimating about the state of incompletion of the track.
Meanwhile when the Executive Director of SAG Mr Elvis Gomes was contacted he said that it is true that the track was built by the previous government and that he will surely look into the matter why it has remained incomplete till date and then act accordingly. [NT]