Water from Chapora river to be pumped to farmers


The farmers from the village of Sal and its surrounding areas are facing acute water problems ever since the main canal broke at Sateli Bhedshi in Awada, thereby leading to stoppage of irrigation water. Farmers from different villages in Bicholim taluka have suffered tremendously, as neither the Goa government nor the Maharashtra government has taken any initiative either to make temporary arrangement of water to the farms or to repair the canal which busted last week due to substandard quality of work and material used. Meanwhile, the assistant engineer of the water resources department (WRD) Mr P V Sreekumar, said that the department, under the instructions of the Goa government, has taken initiatives to supply water to the dry farms by pumping it out from a temporary constructed bandhara. He said the water has already accumulated here from Chapora river and is stored for pumping. He also added that the process of pumping water will begin on Thursday and said further that farmers from Sal village would benefit from this exercise. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar, has said that it will take at least ten days to get water from Tillari canal and therefore he has directed the WRD authorities to work continuously in order to provide temporary water relief to the farmers from Sal village. Local MLA, Mr  Naresh Sawal is also monitoring the situation in order to save the crops which have started drying due to the lack of irrigation water. [NT]