Water, power bills won’t save structures, says Barad


After the two-day operation atop Moti Dongor and Talsanzor, the scene has now shifted back to the office of the Administrator of Communidades, South Goa, even as the Administrator maintained that his office will only consider lease or mundcarial documents before dropping any structure from the demolition list.
The office has already been flooded with queries and inquiries and the Administrator Pravin Barad has designated staff for the purpose of receiving replies along with documents to the notice of removal served on the occupants. “So far, three parties had approached my office to file replies to the notice of removal. However, they did not produce the proper documents and were told to file only the important documents,” he said.
Replying to a question, Barad said that documents such as water and power bills will not save the occupiers from action. “These documents are not important at all. What we are looking out is for lease agreements, if any, with the occupants. Besides, the occupants should submit the mundcarial documents, if any, with the replies to claim benefit’, he added.
While pointing out that some of the occupants have maintained that their claims for mundcarial rights are pending with the courts, he said this cannot be a ground for giving any relief for such structures. “Most of the people who have come with queries are hailing from Talsanzor. We have not received any query or replies from any of the occupants of structures atop Moti Dongor”, he added.
Meanwhile, a group of residents of Talsanzor went to meet Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardesai to discuss the issue.  [H]