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Water scarcity hits Ponda; women lead morcha to PWD

Summer is here and so are the complaints of acute water shortages in some parts of Ponda. And the Dag Ponda PWD office is flooded with people who come with their grievances.Water consumption is normally high in summer with people needing to take showers, wash their clothes. To add to all these, construction activities use lot of water which affects the normal water supply.Since there are many industries in Ponda the taluka needs continuous water supply.Fed up with the water scarcity, few days back around 40 women of Durghabat rushed to the PWD office at Dag Ponda and grilled the Junior Engineer Sandeep Fadte, demanding to know why they were not receiving regular water supply. Fadte tried to pacify the women explaining to them that water supply falls short during summer. The official claimed that there is no adequate water in the bandaras and also in the newly-launched reservoirs at OPA Water Works. The women demanded to know why the government does not give a fixed time for supply if there is scarcity of water in the bandaras and the reservoirs. They said they have to spend sleepless nights hoping that water will be supplied and often have to send their children to bed without giving them bath.
Varkhandem local women in Ponda have also complained that their taps are running dry and demanded prompt attention from the PWD officials to supply them water. They said that the adjacent colony gets regular water while their supply is always irregular or water is not supplied to them.The women said that the PWD never fails to deliver their water bills in time, but are least concerned about the water supply. They requested the PWD to at least provide them water with tankers so that their daily needs are taken care of. They said that if their supply is not regularized they will come and gherao the officials till their problem is solved.Fadte said that often due to power shortage water from OPA cannot be supplied. He said digging of the roads is another cause of scarcity. Many pipes are damaged when the roads are dug and the water supply is disrupted.The junior engineer promised the women to personally look into the matter and assured them of solving their problem.
“There is some fault in the pumps which does not allow us to pump the water. We will look into the matter and sort out the technical fault,” he said.Power fluctuations and low voltage also prevents us from supplying water.He also said that many owners have kept tenants in their premises and due to this more water is supplied to these buildings.He also said that compared to tap connections the water requirement has increased due to the tenants in rented premises due to which requirement has increased in certain areas.People of Borim are also facing scarcity these days. After Vagurme and Durgabhat women, sources say that sooner or later, Borim people will also follow suit it if their water supply is not regularised.According to Mahesh Gaonkar at Bethora and Pandurang Naik at Usgao who have similar complaints said, “the major problem in their locality is that they are receiving irregular water supply, there remains one or two days gap and further there is no timing for releasing water. It is released some time at midnight, Sometime early in the morning and sometime in the evenings.According to Prabhakar Naik at Bandora, “there are still over two months of summer left.” Some sources say the monsoon will be delayed this year, which will increase the woes of the people. [H]

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