Water tank crumbles, threatens Vasco residents


 The PWD’s failure to maintain an overhead water tank near the Sada Sub Jail in Vasco for nearly 25 years has left the water tank in a precarious condition, besides posing a threat to residents living in close proximity to the structure.
The overhead water tank, which has a capacity of 650 cubic metres, caters to the Sada Sub-Jail and residents in the surrounding area. 
The plaster has peeled off and the metal bars of the columns are severely corroded, endangering lives of residents in the area.
Speaking to Herald, some residents claimed that though workers of the PWD (water) department visit the tank and are aware of the problem, they have failed to undertake necessary repairs of the tank. 
“Ever since the tank was constructed and commissioned, the PWD (water section) has failed to inspect the tank and carry out maintenance work,” said a resident.
When contacted, PWD Assistant Engineer Viswambar Bhende explained that the metal rods were corroded due to salinity in the area. “I had inspected the tank but since I was busy addressing to public complaint, I did not get time to take up the repair works,” he said.
Bhende assured to bring the matter to the notice of his superiors and get the necessary work order sanctioned and take up the repairs at the earliest. “It’s only the outer surface which has been damaged. However the tank and the columns are very strong,” assured Bhende. [H]