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Way past 10pm, it’s Bollywood all the way in Baga

Panaji: Tourists who wish to experience a quiet evening by the Sea would do well to avoid Baga beach. As evening fades into night, the high-decibel throbs of Bollywood take over the beach. Inside the shacks, DJs take over the consoles to blast Hindi music to anyone who cares to listen (and even to those who don’t want to). The only thing that sets them apart from nightclubs is that the shacks don’t charge an entry fee.”All shacks here play Bollywood music all night,” said a shack operator. “I have invested close to Rs 4 lakh just for the music. Though we all get all kinds of crowds, it is mostly the desi crowd. I don’t appreciate this loud music, but I have to go with flow.”
While the beach shack policy clearly states that no loud music should be played beyond 10 pm, it is not unusual for the blare to go on much later into the night.”In season time, nobody shuts at 11. We go home at 4am, and on the night of December 31, we played music till 6am,” a shack operator said.Another operator said he isn’t in sync with what’s happening at Baga beach. “Most of the time what we get is a rowdy crowd,” he says. “Evenings are always noisy here. I wish it ends soon.”[TOI]

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