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Why do we have different parking rules for public & taxis at the airport ?

Why are there different parking rules for the public who travel by private vehicles and for the taxi owners, outside the Dabolim airport terminal?Why are the authorities turning a blind eye to this issue and are inadvertently causing great inconvenience to tourists visiting Goa. Besides tourists even we, the locals are suffering and cannot seem to anything to solve this problem and even our complaints are being overlooked and igmored. While a private vehicle owner has only five minutes of free parking time outside the terminal and is charged a fee if the time limit is crossed. This often creates a rush to get to the area outside the terminal, pick up the guest and leave.
However, it has been observed lately that the taxis can be seen parking in this area for hours at a stretch, without any official really questioning them. How is it that we get to park for only five minutes when they can park for five hours?
Earlier, the taxies could be seen parked on the roadside, but now they have been brazenly parking their vehicles right in the area outside the terminal.
Obviously this not only blocks the way but also creates bottlenecks and jams near the entrance and does not allow easy access and exit for other vehicles.With this congestion initiated by the taxis, it is difficult to enter and exit after dropping friends and relatives in just only five minutes.
What’s more it is even difficult for the arriving guest to spot the vehicle or find a proper parking spot to drop them off. And then what about the time taken for picking up or dropping the luggage?
There is no space to bring in the car and sometimes we have to wait until some space is freed, while the taxis drivers will keep their vehicles at the same spot and won’t budge even when requested.People are scared to take them on as they are afraid of what they might do. But I am sure since this is the only airport in the state everyone who flies has to face this problem.This matter should be a cause of concern for the authorities and it is shameful that far from being firm and strict, they seem to be encouraging this attitude.
The question is, why be firm about private vehicles waiting for only five minutes, when the taxis brazenly park their vehicles for hours and obstruct vehicles. If you look at other airports, specially in Mumbai and Chennai, the same rules apply for taxis and private vehicles. However, in Goa the taxis have been given undue importance to do as they please and unfortunately we locals or the unwary tourists are damned to suffer in silence! [H]

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