Why pay Taxes in Goa?

Why Pay Taxes? Why Pay Taxes?
The answer that I got in my childhood years was right in principle i.e. Taxes are needed for the state and its citizens: for sustenance, development and constructive progress. However I would like to ask this Question again today i.e. Why Pay Taxes in Goa or rather Why pay so high Taxes in Goa?
Should we pay Taxes from our hard earned income for the following?
(A) Allow MLA’s to steal Taxpayer’s money via excessive corruption and stash it away in overseas lands and other secretive avenues. And then use a small part of these funds to give rice, sugar, fertilizers, water tanks, electronics, bicycles, medical benefits, paying amenities, sponsor football tournaments/tiatrs etc to entice Voters? Is this their money to use in the First Place?
(B) Allow MLA’s to encourage, grow and sustain illegal migrant vote banks in slums so that they can continue running their corrupt government, by manipulating democracy?
(C) Allow MLA’s to use Public Facilities e.g. Government Vehicles etc for the benefit of their families?
(D) Allow MLA’s to use the Police for protection of their illegal ways of acquiring income and as State Terror force on protestors, rather than ensuring Police safeguard and protect citizen’s rights.
(E) Allow MLA’s to destroy Goa, its identity and contaminate its environment, land & water resources rather than preserving the same.
The List for the above can be endless. Goans as other people always look for the best deals for food, services & products and have a right to ensure that they get the best deal for their money which is fair; but then why are we not bothered to at least, get a fair deal for the High Taxes that we pay to the State? Are we holding Politicians accountable for the Various scams, Carelessness and Shortcomings that are coming to our attention so regularly e.g. GIDC, MOPA, SEZ, Illegal Mining, Illegal Land Conversions/Sales, Promotion of illegal mega projects, Hill Cutting, Drugs Menace, Prostitution, Electoral Rolls Manipulation, Deaths of innocent people by a Corrupt & inefficient Electricity Department, Lawlessness, Contamination of beaches like Colva, Destruction of Beaches like Candolim, Water contamination, Garbage/Sewage crises etc Why are we allowing ourselves to be Robbed in “Broad Daylight” by these thieves? What is worse is that many of us instead do the exact opposite and glorify these thieves at weddings, public events etc and also the same is done by many Non Resident Goans during overseas trips of specific MLA’s.
I used to think or despite the high taxes we pay, the Goa Government struggles to satisfy Goans because of the size of tasks involved and high population. But today I do not think the same; I actually believe that the Goa Government Gets more than enough funds to provide basic amenities, employment/business opportunities, law/order and welfare for Goans but the reason they are unable to do so, is because many senior politicians steal a lot of funds via excessive corruption. Today’s Goa’s jails have lot or thieves but what they steal is very petty in comparison to what many Politicians steal from the Goan Taxpayers; so in comparison the petty thieves in Goa’s Jails are “saints” and should be replaced by the respective Politicians!!
Surely there will be many “supporters” of the corrupt politicians in Goa and Abroad, who will not be happy with this article but then again I sure it is an open secret of why they “support” these corrupt Anti Goan Politicians in the first place!!
Arwin Mesquita, UAE.