Will quit if plot to son was allotted illegally: Parrikar


 Chief minister Manohar Parrikar on Thursday told the assembly he will resign from his post if it was proved that he had done anything wrong on the issue of allotment of a plot to his son at Tuem industrial estate.
"I will resign and go home. Show me if I have done anything wrong," Parrikar said, responding to allegations by the opposition of granting favour to his son while allotting him an industrial plot at Tuem industrial estate.
Parrikar denied that a plot was allotted to his son in Tuem and what was given to his son is only a offer of allotment. He stated that infrastructure in Tuem industrial estate is still in the infancy stage. Clarifying that for the first time proper procedures had been followed by Goa Industrial Development corporation ( GIDC) in plot allotments, Parrikar sought to know on what basis a plot could be denied to his son if he met the criteria.
Referring to the point that there was no infrastructure at Tuem, Curtorim MLA Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco asked what then, was the point of giving an offer letter.
Parrikar replied that his son is capable of handling the issue and again raised a question on whether a plot can be denied if someone happens to be the son of Parrikar, Rane or, for that matter, Reginaldo.
Parrikar again targeted environmentalists saying they make statement sitting in air conditioned offices.
Stressing that mining is important to the economy, he said, "Goa has benefitted by Rs 5,000 crore in the last five years from mining."He was speaking during the general discussion on the budget.
He said the government could keep afloat many welfare schemes and development projects due to mining revenue even as he clarified that he is not supporting wrong doings in the mining sector. "Who are these environmentalists to tell me not to support the affected people? " he said. Parrikar sought to know why a common man, who has lost his source of income due to the closure of mining, be punished. [TOI]