Women panchas want reservation scrapped


Having being denied the right to head the Bhoma-Adcolna panchayat, the two unhappy women panchas have accused male panchas of usurping power by bypassing the system and now want the government to abolish women reservation in panchayats. 
“What is the use in having women reservation in panchayats, especially for the Sarpanch’s post, when men want to dominate? The State government should abolish this women reservation or at least make an amendment in the Panchayati Raj Act. 
We want Chief Minister, Panchayat Minister  and Director of Panchayats to look into the matter,” said Mahima Naik. Interestingly, Dy Sarpanch Damodar Naik has denied the allegations.
 “All of us five male panchas were present, but none of the women members took us into confidence. We are ready to support them and we had even claimed that the issue could be resolved after discussing it with the local MLA. We would have seconded Mahima’s candidature if they (women panchas) had asked us to do so,” said Damodar Naik. [H]