Women’s NGO demands action against politician


Following a complaint lodged by Colva PSI MangeshVolvoikar last week against Nuvem MLA Francisco 'Mickky' Pacheco for allegedly obstructing him from discharging his lawful duties in connection with the assault on a minor girl, BailanchoEkvott, a NGO for women, has demanded action against those guilty of the crime.
Without naming Pacheco, Auda Viegas of Bailancho Ekvott, on Tuesday, in a letter written to the South Goa SP, Shekhar Parabhudessai, said "A policeman has a bounden duty to save life and no one can prevent him from doing that." The crime is a matter for the law to decide, she said.
Viegas also denounced the behavior of Pacheco in demanding the cop's transfer.
"(The PSI) was obstructed in carrying out his duties by an incited crowd provoked obviously by a politician who now demands his transfer," Viegas said.
Apprehending that Volvoikar's transfer, if effected, will "adversely affect" the cases in connection with crimes against women which he is currently handling, Viegas has requested the district police chief to retain the "upright" officer at the Colva police station. "He has shown extreme sensitivity" in the investigation of those cases, Viegas added in the letter.
"I request that action after investigations be initiated against those who abused him verbally and also did not permit the said officer to carry out his duties effectively and with dedication," Viegas stressed in the letter.
The copies of the letter have been marked to the home minister and the DGP. [TOI]