‘Women should equip themselves with self-defence techniques’


 Stating that women are sexually harassed in different spheres of life, many young men suggested they should equip themselves with self-defence techniques to counter such harassment.
In the backdrop of the gange-rape on 23-year-old paramedical student in Delhi and the public outrage that erupted in the country following the incident and the victim’s death in a hospital at Singapore, this daily contacted many young men, including students and professionals, to know their reactions.
Many said that men should learn to respect women. Mr Ashok Shandilya, a software engineer, said that “the crime scenario can be changed, by not holding placards, but through the implementation of a stringent law. Once the law is implemented, it acts as a deterrent.”
Stating that women are being sexually harassed in every strata of life, Mr Shandilya said that every individual must do self-introspection and learn to respect women before pointing fingers at others.
Mr Punit Naik, a college student, said, “Most passersby simply look the other way when they find somebody in distress as they don’t want to face police interrogation and avoid helping in fear of getting blamed.”
“Islamic punishment is hard enough to teach offenders a lesson for committing heinous crimes,” Mr Naik added.
Another student said “it is a crucial time to break the barriers and join hands to bring this corrupt system down. Don’t stop now, next victim could be our sister or mother.”
Recalling an incident of a molestation of a girl in a bus, Mr Ashirwad Bicholkar, a polytechnic student, said a bus conductor molested a girl by pushing her forcefully and we prevented her from being victimised.
“We can’t stop crimes against women by hiding them behind strict rules of personal fashion and even stricter traditions,” Mr Bicholkar  said, adding “we must stop shying away and start reacting in non-violent or violent way.” 
Mr Kashinath Kambli, a college student, said, “Take action depending on the situation. If the accused doesn’t understand verbally then use muscle power. Negative attitude has to be changed towards women.”
“Parents must educate the males on morals rather than putting restriction on outfits of women,” Mr Kambli added.
A college student, Mr David D’Souza, said, “The attitude that men are powerful and women are weak should be changed. We are all equal.”
“If a woman is harassed she must react and alert others. Colleges must have self-defense classes and encourage the girls to learn self defense techniques,” Mr D’Souza said.
“The victim girl could have been anybody’s sister. She could have been anybody’s friend. It pained me that no one came forward to help the victim,” said Mr Hrishikesh Nagvekar, a sales manager.
Every man has the responsibility to protect women, irrespective of his relationship with them, he added.
Public must react first when they find somebody in distress rather than to wait for police, he further said. [NT]