Word Your Way into Hearts, this Christmas


Christmas is a universal observance, as probably no other festival in the world is. The frenzy that is a buildup towards the main day is absolutely stirring and supremely exciting. Amidst work pressures, family commitment and so much more, all we can think of is buying gifts, decorating the home, baking goodies, midnight mass, planning the grand meal, dances etc – the merriment is unparalleled. And the nip in the air ( though not a great deal in Goa) only adds to that “ oh so lovely” feel.
Everyone around you is probably going about the exciting or cumbersome task of purchasing gifts for loved ones and the shopkeepers are making merry. But, have we ever thought of those who have transcended this manic craze of materialistic stuff? What do you gift someone who seems to have everything. Or better still, someone to whom everything materialistic is just too mundane and boring as she/ he possesses an inner richness. And yes, look around carefully, and you will be surprised to see that there are quite a number of them, especially in today’s times where a one thousand rupee note is spent without a qualm. Doesn’t that leave us yearning for something of real, rich value? Call them idealistic, call them romantic, call them by any name. But there are people who love being gifted through words. It is absolutely delightful to pick up a little note from under your Christmas tree that has a message, handwritten personally, just for you. And if you are one of those who are in that blissful, yet heartbreaking stage in life, where you are aching to tell your special one how you feel, what better way than a little, lovely message. I call the act of translating your emotions to words, a real art.
And majority of people agree with me; that a lot that cannot be expressed in person, can be beautifully penned down in words.
Any mother would be over the moon to pick up a little note from her kids, placed under her pillow, which simply says, “ I love you mama, you are very special to me.” Any father, however huge, will be on his knees in the very instant that he gets a note in the bathroom cabinet which says, “ Dada/ Papa, I don’t take you forgranted. It is just that I have grown used to having you around. Can’t imagine how our family would be, without you.” Similarly, for all of you in love, if you are too bashful, just pick your phone and send her/ him that all important SMS. It could just be a simple expression saying that you care and want to be the first one to wish her/ him.
And do it when the clock sings the witching hour – it will thrill and warm the heart and soul, like nothing else can. The beautiful aspect about being in love is the awkwardness that comes with it. And yet, it is this imperfection that is so perfect and beautiful in life.
The hopeless romantic in me happens to get revived and rejuvenated during this magical season of Christmas. Yes, Christmas is an exquisite season that transcends every manmade religion. Yes, Christmas is my personal connect with my Almighty. Yes, Christmas is all things calm, beautiful, peaceful and loving. Yes, Christmas brings tears to my eyes as I realize the power of love, eliciting a physical pain in my heart. Yes, Christmas is “ oh so surreal”! Awww! Why is Christmas so beautiful?!
There is something so magical about words.
And yes, they can probably be some of the best gifts during this festive season.
CHRISTINA VIEGAS gets penning on why you need to pen… Hearts, this Christmas Hearts, this Christmas
The timeless greeting card with handwritten expressions from your heart Beautiful SMSs signifying that you care, especially when sent on the dot of 12 midnight Little handwritten love messages pinned up on the Christmas tree Slip a handwritten love note under your partner’s pillow A ring tone personalized especially for when your special one calls “  (Christina Viegas)