Writers consider ways to bring about qualitative growth of Konkani literature


The  21st  all-India three-day Konkani Sahitya  Sammelan, held at Margao’s Ravindra  Bhavan, considered various ways to  bring about qualitative growth of the Konkani literature. 
The sammelan was  organised  by the  Konkani  Bhasha  Mandal.
The noted  writers and artistes attended the Konkani Sammelan, which ended on Sunday, opined that there has to be wide translation of the Konkani literature in other languages and felt that   encouragement  should be given to off-beat  writing in Konkani.
The writers also suggested to the government to have yearly fellowship of  Rs  5 lakh for an Indian writer who can  visit Goa and write on Goa in his own language, which later can be translated, and  similarly a fellowship for a Konkani writer to  visit other state and pen down book in the Konkani language.
“This can help not only to  encourage the  young and budding  writers,  but also  other states’ good  writers to focus on Goa through their  books,’’ stated Mr Datta Damodar Naik, the chairman of the  reception  committee  for the  sammelan.
The  president of the Konkani Bhasha Mandal (KBM),  Mr Chetan Acharya, said that  stress was also  laid on the youth participation  in the sahitya  sammelan.
“Around 160 youth delegates participated in the three-day sammelan,’’ he   disclosed.
Mr Uday Bhembre, a well known Konkani writer, stated that such  sammelan would help review the Konkani literature. 
The  sammelan was inaugurated at the hands of  a noted  actor and playwright,  Mr  Girish  Karnad in the presence of the Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar.
Mr Karnad opined that Konkani is a rich language and added that the parents should educate their children in Konkani in Goa.  Giving his own example, he recalled how the transfer of his father to different  places helped him to know the language well.
The Chief Minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar, promised that he would  try to  make  assembly business partially in Konkani.  On the  concluding day, the  famous  writer and novelist , Mr Victor Rangel Rebeiro said that there has to be co-existence mutually of Romi  and Devnagri scripts  in  Goa for developing the Konkani language.
He said that the English Language  prospered because,  it has only one script and added that “the Konkani literature has to be  translated in several other languages to have a wider perspective.” 
He   appealed  to the  parents  to tell  Konkani  short stories  to their  young ones and urged the writer to write short stories.
During the sammelan, discussions were held on the  topic  like ‘Konkani drama progressing or declining’,  ‘Konkani literature’s social changes and  reflections’, ‘Konkani literature translations’,  and  ‘Why  and how  writers choose  topics to  write’.  The  sammelan evoked  a good response. [NT]