Youth association urges authorities to take action against migrants

Expressing concern over the encroachment of government and private lands and footpaths while conducting various illegal trades and businesses by migrants, the Fatorda Youth Association, on Tuesday, urged the concerned authorities to take immediate action to move the migrants.

In a letter marked to the South Goa District Collector, chief officer of the Margao Municipal Council and the police inspector of the Margao, the association has said that in the area, in and around Margao and Fatorda, the migrants have encroached government and private lands, footpaths and have started various illegal trades and businesses causing great inconvenience and obstruction to the local people.

"Despite rising incidents of theft, dacoity and murder taking place all over Goa, the authorities have turned a blind eye for reasons best known to them," rued the association members.

While giving details of the encroachment by the migrants, the letter said that these migrants have occupied open spaces opposite SGPDA markets and other places in and around Margao and Fatorda.

"Next to Shetty Steel at Fatorda and at other places, the migrants even have erected their mobile tents and are living there for almost a month and conducting business in medicines, cushions and all other products violating food and drug norms," charged the youth association letter.

Besides, the migrants are also using sound system without permission to promote their products to consumers and "since they are living there for a month, the surrounding area is being used for answering nature’s call and causing unhygienic conditions in the area," they alleged.

While suggesting the authorities, the youth association has said that the police should verify checks and collect all possible identifications and create a data from these migrants labourers "who are mostly found in groups as daily wage labourers in and around Margao, especially, behind Margao Municipality and Fatorda and their number are swelling day by day."

"We urge the authorities to initiate appropriate and immediate action to move these migrants which are causing nuisance to the environment and to the society," said the letter signed by association officials, Florindo Miranda, Laurel Abranches, Melwin Fernandes, Caustidio Dias, Raymond Fonseca and Alex Mota. [NT]