Youth dies performing bike stunt


In a tragic incident, Amey Madgaonkar, a 20-year-old boy from Pontemol, Curchorem, paid with his life for his passion for motorcycle stunts.
He died after a stunt he was performing on his motorbike alongwith his friends in Verna went terribly wrong. He lost his life even before medical aid could reach him.Police sources said that a group of youngsters were performing stunts on their motorcycle, nearly a kilometer away from a car racing event that was underway at Verna, and Madgaonkar was among the participants.
When Madgaonkar landed on the ground and lost consciousness, his fellow participants rushed to the car racing event and requested for the ambulance stationed at the venue to rush Madgaokar to the hospital.
Aggrieved over the alleged delay in responding to the situation by the organizers of the car racing event, the agitated group disrupted the event. Maina Curtorim police have registered the case as an accident and further investigations are under way, police sources informed. [TOI]