ZIOTL won’t escape responsibility: Carlos Almeida


Vasco MLA and KTC Chairman Carlos Almeida on Thursday assured to make efforts to get more compensation for the Daktollem naphtha fire victims.
Speaking to Herald during a site inspection at Daktollem, Almeida said he will urge Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to visit the site and resurvey the area to have first-hand information about the living conditions of affected residents.
“With the help of the chief minister, I will see to it that the residents and the victims get more compensation,” assured Almeida. 
He said he will get the 10 drains and wells de-silted before the monsoon. Almeida further said through his government he will direct ZIOL to re-develop the area and restore it to its original position.
When asked about the absence of the ZIOL officials for the site inspection, Almeida replied: “ZIOL will not escape from its responsibility till they fully compensate the Dactollem residents, who are suffering for no fault of theirs.” [H]